Through the development of mitigation projects, we issue carbon credits (also known as carbon offsets) for companies and individuals to offset their CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, either through voluntary compensation or taxation. or tax.

What is the voluntary compensation?

Any company or individual can offset the tons of carbon emitted by their daily activities into the atmosphere. This can be achieved through the purchase of carbon credits generated from the conservation of forests and projects like those BIOFIX develops under the REDD+ methodology.

By acquiring these carbon credits, companies or individuals engaging in offsetting are not only being responsible for the planet but are also contributing to the social and environmental development of ethnically diverse communities that play the role of forest custodians.

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What is the compensation for tax?

With the decree 926, issued in the year 2017, the taxable person within the carbon tax have the possibility of having recourse to the figure of the not causation through the purchase of certified emission reductions. The end user or consumer may seek reductions or removals of GHG emissions through conservation projects inside or outside your organization.

Projects such as those developed under the REDD+ mechanism are ideal for the generation of certificates of compensation, and companies, through the purchase of these, contribute to the social and environmental development of the communities ethnically differentiated to fulfill the role of custodians forest.

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